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Are you planning to move home or to change address permanently or temporarily?

Adressändring can help you with most tasks relating to changing address. Here you can read about what to do when you move to, from, or within Sweden, when you want your mail forwarding or want to suspend deliveries to your usual address.

How do I change my postal address?

What information do I need to give?
Useful information if you're moving within Sweden
Useful information if you're moving to Sweden
Useful information if you’re leaving Sweden
Temporary forwarding, domestic and foreign
Mail storage
What is Adressändring?


How do I change my postal address?

We recommend calling our customer service line:

  • Call 020-97 98 99 from a landline (or +46 (0)771-97 98 99 from a mobile or abroad) at least 5 days before you want your mail delivering to your new address. Our customer service line is open weekdays between 8am and 7pm.
  • Give your instructions to one of our customer service representatives.
  • The relevant forms will be completed by us and sent to you. Check that the information is correct, sign and return to us and, where relevant, send a copy to the Swedish Tax Agency (Skatteverket).

You can also place your order via our website www.adressandring.se which is open 24 hours.


What information do I need to give?

  • First names and surnames for all those included in the order.
  • The personal numbers (personnummer) or coordination numbers (samordningsnummer) of all those included in the order. If anyone included in the order does not have a personal or coordination number, then give their birthdate.
  • Note that if you have a coordination number you must call our customer service line.
  • Any c/o names.
  • Full permanent address.
  • Full temporary or new address.
  • The date on which the address change should take effect, and where applicable, the date on which it should end.
  • Phone number.
  • Email address.


Useful information if you're moving within Sweden

Your new address will not be sent automatically to your friends, or to companies and organizations with which you have a relationship. When you change address you should therefore also order mail forwarding. This ensures that mail sent to your old address is forwarded to your new address for a whole year. If you do not order mail forwarding your post will be returned to the sender.

Current prices for mail forwarding within Sweden are detailed below.

You can also send an unlimited number of change-of-address emails and text messages from our website, www.adressandring.se. If you order mail forwarding, you will also be sent nine free printed change-of-address cards for use within Sweden.

Mail that does not give your name, such as some advertising and newspapers, is not forwarded and will not be stored. Packages and express mail are not covered by forwarding.

When the Swedish Tax Agency has processed the signed document received from you, your new address is forwarded to, for instance:

  • The Swedish Social Insurance Administration (Försäkringskassan).
  • Local Council Administrations (kommun).
  • County Councils (landsting).
  • The Tax Registry (Skatteregistret).
  • SPAR - the State Personal Address Registry, which provides certain public authorities and companies with your new address.
  • The Swedish National Road Administration's (Vägverket's) car and driving licence registry.


Useful information if you're moving to Sweden

  • How do I change my postal address?
    If you are moving to Sweden permanently from another country, you should visit an office of the Swedish Tax Agency in person and complete a form confirming that you have moved to Sweden (flyttanmälan). You should take with you key personal documents such as your marriage certificate, birth certificates for any accompanying children, your residency permit and your passport.
  • How do I get my mail forwarded from another country?
    To get your mail sent to your new address in Sweden, contact the post office in the place from which you are moving. You must ensure that your name is visible on the door or mailbox at your new address in Sweden.


Useful information if you’re leaving Sweden

  • How do I change my postal address?
    If you are moving permanently to another country, Adressändring can help you to order mail forwarding (see below). You should report your move to the Swedish Tax Agency, using form SKV 7665, entitled "Anmälan om flyttning till Utlandet". You can obtain this form from the Swedish Tax Agency.
  • How do I get my mail forwarded to another country?
    You can get mail forwarded to an address outside Sweden by calling Adressändring's customer service on 020-97 98 99. The period during which mail can be forwarded must be of an duration of at least six months. There is no upper limit to this period.
    Confirmation of your order can only be sent to an address within Sweden (normally your old address). This confirmation cannot be sent abroad. If you are moving abroad permanently, you can order extra change-of-address cards via our customer service line. These may only be used for domestic distribution.
  • How do I get my mail forwarded from Sweden if I have already left the country?
    We can help you if you have already left Sweden when you place your order. We have a special investigations team to handle cases like this. You can contact them on weekdays between 8am and 4pm on 020-97 98 99.


Temporary forwarding, domestic and foreign

If you are planning to be away from home on a temporary basis, while on holiday, for instance, you can order temporary forwarding. This service is available for period of up to 6 months.


Mail storage

If you plan to be away from home for a short period in a place where you cannot receive post, you can request that your mail be stored. This means that mail is not delivered to your home address while you are away. You will receive all of your post on your return.



  • Storage and forwarding within Sweden

    Method of order and service      
    Forwarding Standard price Under 26 1) Student 2) 
    Customer service line or internet 450 SEK 225 SEK 225 SEK
    Temporary forwarding Set-up fee Cost per week Maximum cost
    Customer service line or internet 125 SEK 65 SEK 600 SEK
    Mail storage Set-up fee Cost per week Maximum cost
    Customer service line or internet 75 SEK 25 SEK 325 SEK

    1) Orders only apply to one person.
    2) The price of 225 SEK also applies to individuals who place their order online and confirm their order using "Student" or "Mecenat" cards.

    The prices for forwarding and storage outlined above apply from 15 December 2014 for orders within Sweden. Payment must be received within 20 days.

Forwarding to a foreign address can only be ordered via our customer service line or at Postens Företagscenter.


What is Adressändring?

Adressändring is the most convenient way to report a change of address and to order mail forwarding or storage. The company Svensk Adressändring works in cooperation with the Swedish Tax Agency, Posten an other postal operators.